150kg dryer hopper insulated cover

Sort: Energy-saving heat preservation cover for dryer
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The thermal insulation cover of the dryer is made of non-toxic and environment-friendly insulation cotton. Effectively reduce the surface temperature, not to install dryer heat preservation of surface temperature of 200 °, the surface temperature is less than 50 ° after installation. Effectively reduce the temperature of the workshop and bring comfortable environment to the staff, and install the drying machine to save 10% to 40% of the electricity

Product features:
1. Adiabatic insulation effect is good
2. Easy to remove, easy to install, easy to clean pipe equipment, convenient maintenance.
3. It can be used over and over again, with long service life.
4. High strength, soft and flexible, easy to bend and bind.
5. Can be customized according to the insulation parts, processing non-standard products.
6. Adaptability: applicable to different temperature, different shape of piping equipment insulation.
7. Environmental protection: free from asbestos and any other harmful substances, it is completely harmless to people and environment.
8. The product appearance is beautiful and clean, the surface can be swabbed
9. Improve the working environment and prevent people from scald

10. Energy saving: reduce heat loss, and recycle 40% of electricity

11. Purification environment: closed design, filter dust and avoid pollution

12. Increase thermal efficiency: heat concentration and speed of drying

13. High temperature filter and air duct, easy to unload

14. Heat insulation sleeve and heat - air recovery and the effect is better

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