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Company Profile

Hundred million source hardware is a professional research and development, production, sales heat preservation equipment of environmental protection and energy saving, energy saving and emission reduction is committed to provide enterprises with a full range of energy conservation and environmental protection solutions, in the industry with very high competitiveness. To provide users with innovative high quality energy conservation and environmental protection products. Hundred million source hardware focused on the development changes of the time, has been with the concept of "be industry leader", carry out an ingenious technology development and the development of the production system and market operation. Energy-saving insulation cover and stainless steel with nanometer aerogel energy-saving insulation sleeve, headed by nano energy-saving heating coil, induction servo, in ceramics, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastics, building materials, environmental protection, metallurgy and other industries, will be "the most trusted enterprise" as the development direction, development, manufacture and sales of high reliability and high quality all kinds of energy conservation and environmental protection products. As the current domestic energy-saving insulation of large manufacturers, its products enjoys a good reputation, the won numerous praise and trust of customers throughout the country.

Our r&d team are professionals from the universities and energy-saving HuanBaoJie elite, at the same time, combining with every customer the truth and our years of practical experience, to do everything for every customer tailored products suitable for the characteristics of energy-saving insulation equipment. Apply in measuring installation operation is keep improving, with the perfect combination of practical and technical detailed analysis of the system, energy saving effect will be perfect, for all customer offer the most assured products and thoughtful service.

Hundred million source product use scope:

Apply to plastic, chemical, electronic, automobile and other industries, such as: cylinder, drying machine barrel, pipelines, valves, flange, fan and pump, exhaust pipes, engine, etc. With its own advantages, contribute to energy conservation, greatly improved the operating costs of enterprises at the same time.

Our company take the good faith as this, reduce the energy consumption to save resources. Production of energy-saving product effect is good, easy to use, durable need not maintain. And relative to other energy saving products price is very favorable. General investment cost in 6 ~ 8 months can recycling costs. In addition to saving energy, this product also have the effect of the lower the temperature in the workshop, help enterprises to improve the staff engaged in production environment. A 挙 two, welcome the masses of customer orders.

Hundred million source has been adhering to the concept of innovation, dares to undertake the social responsibility, dare to challenge the pinnacle, looking forward to sincere cooperation with you.

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