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Supply molding enterprise energy-saving to be bestowed favor on newly - insulation cover machine

Time:2017/2/8 6:19:26   From::本站   Editer:注塑机保温罩   

After entering 2016, from the air conditioning enterprise launch innovative products, you can see that innovation technology such as frequency, energy saving, intelligent, healthy become the dominant industry technology development.

Hundred million source products:

Energy-saving insulation cover injection molding machine, extruder insulation cover, stainless steel insulation cover, gun barrel heat preservation and heat insulation cover, mold insulation cover, molding machine insulation cover, extruder insulation cover, heat vest, pipe insulation vest, equipment insulation vest, mould heat vest, energy-saving insulation plate forming machine, extruder energy-saving insulation cover, injection molding machine insulation cover, injection molding machine insulation cover, dryer heat preservation cover, injection molding machine safety cover, heating coil insulation

Product features at the same time to satisfy human needs, and personalized needs of consumers more value. The appearance of the product design is more fashion, more pay attention to diversification and color, more consideration and household environment fusion as a whole. Is expected in the second half of frequency conversion air conditioning the new standard of energy efficiency will also be important influence on enterprise's product upgrade.

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