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Source billion energy-saving insulation cover industry to achieve the goal of "fast track"

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At present , China is to carry out a nationwide energy saving campaign , as the main users of energy , how to reduce energy consumption and achieve sound and rapid development has been the direction of the tireless efforts of the industrial enterprises , with the development of China's energy services industry, With professional -saving energy-saving technology is increasingly becoming the target of many industrial enterprises realized saving the " fast track ."
Ⅰ, industrial electricity enterprise status
2006 China's industrial electricity consumption up to 2.1354 trillion kwh , a large industrial enterprises of China's energy consumption, energy consumption accounts for about 70% of the country's total energy consumption. Including iron and steel , nonferrous metals, coal, electricity, oil, petrochemical , chemical, building materials, textiles , paper and other nine key energy-consuming industries , which account for over 60% of the electricity consumption of the entire industry , but the average energy consumption per unit of foreign advanced level than up to 40 %.
Source billion energy-saving insulation cover almost perfect design , excellent insulation properties, easy to use energy-saving products sells industrial enterprises plastics industry .
12 sets of injection molding machines insulation features:
1 has a non-sticky, leak-proof plastic
2 to extend the life of the heating coil
3 . Use of environmentally friendly products,
5 and with the development of the world
4 saving 20 % -60 %
6 the surface temperature is reduced to 50%
7 significantly reduce the room temperature
8 save energy : reduce heat loss , recycling , saving about 35% of electricity
9 clean environment : closed design , filter dust , to avoid contamination.
10 to improve the thermal efficiency: energy concentration, speed up the drying speed.
11 filters and air duct temperature , loading and unloading easy.
12. Insulation jacket and hot air recycling and use , the better.
Energy-saving insulation cover :

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