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Energy saving is profit

Time:2017/5/4 2:24:54   From::本站   Editer:admin   

Long-term waste energy consumption, seriously affect enterprise competitiveness, even overdraft enterprise vitality.

The energy consumption of injection molding machine is a big expense for injection molding enterprises. The ladder price increases the business owner's sense of electricity, which is not too busy to try to avoid the peak. Injection molding machine manufacturing enterprises reform at the start of the energy consumption, improve the competitiveness of the injection molding machine with the product itself, hydraulic press, large energy consumption change servo, then change precision electric injection molding machine, the energy-saving behavior does not require any external stimuli, such as policy environment. Energy saving has influenced the strategic choice of the overall development of modern industry.

Hundred million source energy-saving insulation cover both accords with the trend of the energy-saving injection molding machine integrated 26 already installed insulation sets of injection molding injection molding companies, according to business spending a year on the basis of electricity from 30 ~ 60% energy saving, more than 100 sets of injection molding machine business, the puzzling spending was amazing! The machine more business owners are mostly clairvoyance, volunteered to install energy-saving products, hundred million source injection molding machine gun barrel tao import ceramic fiber insulating sheath got naturally the popularization and application of energy-saving technology, installation of injection molding machine insulation cover in injection molding enterprise energy consumption, the overall level of energy efficiency was improved.

Resources tax and fee reform after the launch will be more enterprises to install energy-saving products, promote the resources reasonable redistribution, helps the world's understanding of China, help the domestic opportunity equilibrium.

, of course, there are many improper installation of injection molding machine injection molding enterprise insulation cover, in the particularity of the products, production of the product is more sensitive to temperature, the material temperature too high result in transparent yellow product. This kind of enterprise consciously to reduce energy consumption, we can suggest the customer installed directly nanometer infrared energy-saving heating circle, this can make the temperature stability, ensure the high quality production.

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