Injection molding machine insulation sleeve

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Injection molding machine insulation sleeve is introduced:

Mainly used in injection molding machine, extruder die and the die heater. Can also be used for pipe, elbow, flange, manhole, tee, chemical reaction kettle, thermal power, nuclear power steam turbine, gas turbine units, heat exchanger, such as engine exhaust pipe heat preservation and heat insulation.

What is the main material?

Consists of glass fiber cotton and import, lining, insulating layer and protective layer of three layer, working temperature below 650 ℃. With insulation and heat insulation, waterproof, prevent oil, multi-layer insulation, spontaneous combustion, corruption can be scrubbed, strength, corrosion resistance, surface, flexible, environmental pollution-free, pretty neat appearance, etc. All design according to customer needs.

Precision injection molding machine insulation sets of troubleshooting:

1 how much energy saving?

20% - 20%, depending on whether the working temperature and work continuously.

2 surface temperature how many?

Insulation sleeve surface temperature can drop to around 40 ℃, touch not hot.

3 installation?

Heater is installed on the unit first, and then the insulation condoms on the outside of the heater, directly to the note on the terminals (e.g., terminal block, terminal) and the thermocouple hole, and clasp fastening; Don't change machine circuit.

4 how long is used?

On the premise of properly maintain and use, can use more than 2 years.

Also can prevent frequent heating coil heating, which can effectively maintain stiffening ring, the ageing of the cylinder and the screw, enhance the service life of the whole machinery.

5 what is the effect of the quality of the plastic products?

Variable temperature sharply due to the inability of plastic particles, forming a more stable, more excellent quality.

6 for a long time to recover the cost?

Under the condition of the power saving rate of 20%, about four or five months to recover the cost, if the power saving rate is higher, cost and faster recovery.

7 price need what information?

1) type of heater, such as ceramic, mica, cast aluminum, etc., the thickness of the different type heater is different

2) the size of heater (such as inner diameter, outside diameter, length)

3) the connection mode and size position (e.g., junction box, the position and size of the plug)

4) thermocouple hole position and diameter

5) the quantity ordered

* heater should be provide drawings and photos, ensure that the heater and insulating sheath fully fit.

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