Injection molding machine heating energy saving retrofit scheme

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Hundred million source hardware specializing in the production of nano energy-saving heating, we produce nano energy-saving heating was warmly welcomed by the market. Especially in the suzhou area. You are welcome to inquire our nano energy-saving heating, we absolutely give you the most preferential nano energy-saving heating price.

1 infrared energy-saving electric heating circle USES the new type of polymer nano heat alloy, heater heating efficiency is as high as 99.8% above;

2 nanometer infrared energy-saving electric heating circle, using infrared heat transfer surface by the far-infrared high polymer material, after special processing to produce a particular wavelength infrared, the heat transfer process heat loss is small, heat transfer efficiency is above 99%, the heat transfer efficiency is much higher than the traditional injection molding machine fever circle, can effectively enhance the heating rate of electric heating circle,

3 nanometer infrared energy saving heat preservation of the special device for the electric heating circle, not only heat up quickly, and the heat preservation effect is good, and the surface temperature of the electric heating circle was only about 45-75 ° C, small impact on the environment temperature, and can effectively reduce the job shop at room temperature 3-8 ° C;

4 nanometer infrared energy-saving electric heating coil installation is simple and convenient, without any external devices, can be directly used to replace the traditional electric heating circle;

5 products with high reliability and shelf life of 2 years, the province electricity environmental protection, energy saving rate is as high as 30% - 80%, all recoup their investment time around 3 to 9 months; Scope of application:

Injection molding machine, wire drawing machine, blown film machine, extrusion machine, granulating machine and so on all need electricity heating system, products can be a circle shape, such as slab of arbitrary shape, etc. Product specifications:

According to the user's injection molding machine, wire drawing machine gun barrel diameter, height of heating coil, heating power custom products, to meet all specifications of the equipment. Direct income:

Energy saving rate is 30% to 80%, 3-9 months back your investment in indirect benefits:

Workshop temperature is reduced, saves the cost of cooling heating circle without frequent replacement, efficiency to improve the initial warming faster, the efficiency to improve the workshop environment is good, easily hire easy to fold and ordinary person can accomplish

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