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Nanometer infrared electric heating circle: the applicable scope of the injection molding machine, extruder, plastic wire drawing machine, blown film machine, granulating machine, extrusion molding machine, plastic pipe material production line, oven, assembly line all heating equipment such as oven.

Applied voltage: 110-380 - v, ac/dc, frequency: 50 ~ 60 hz.

Used in injection molding machine and energy saving heating circle, direct replacement of traditional gun barrel electric heating circle, the transformation is very convenient, simple, as long as the original electric heating circle into our nano energy-saving heating circle, match with the original equipment. The energy saving rate does save electricity above 30%, experience, customer after modification of energy saving rate can be above 40%, concentrated in the 40-60%; This technology is far superior to the electromagnetic coil electric heating system, it will never change the injection molding machine the original heating principle, nor harmonic affect other equipment operation, will not lead to factors such as radiation wave damage human health; In simple, no potential safety hazard, widely used by the customer high praise, is currently the more advanced injection molding machine electric energy-saving equipment.

The characteristics of the nanometer infrared energy-saving electric heating circle is as follows:

Speed: 1. Warming is higher than the traditional injection molding machine fever circle more than double, in 50 seconds time the highest temperature can reach 750 degrees, and can work for a long time in 550 degrees.

2. High thermal conversion efficiency: the thermal efficiency of more than 90%.

3. Long service life: more than 50000 hours of continuous use.

4. Excellent insulation performance: appearance within 80 degrees temperature, less heat loss, energy saving effect is very good, and the workshop temperature can reduce 3 ~ 8 degrees, to air conditioning workshop of the energy saving effect is more obvious.

5. Product long shelf life: 2 years.

6. Short payback period: all back your investment in time within 12 months.

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