Nanometer infrared energy-saving heater

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Nano electric heating circle product features:

1, the optimal heat transfer modes, energy-saving rate is high;

2, high temperature control precision, small thermal inertia;

3, quick heating up, high thermal efficiency;

4, installation is simple, can directly replace the existing electric heating circle;

5, low surface temperature, improve the working environment;

6, long service life, quality assurance 2 years;

External temperature measured 50 ° C

Range of application

Injection molding machine, wire drawing machine, blown film machine, extrusion machine, granulating machine and so on all need electricity heating system, products can be a circle shape, such as slab of arbitrary shape, etc.

Product specification

According to the user's injection molding machine, wire drawing machine gun barrel diameter, height of heating coil, heating power custom products, to meet all specifications of the equipment.

Direct income:

Energy saving rate is 30% to 80%, 3 to 9 months to recover the investment

Indirect benefits:

The workshop temperature is reduced, saves the cost of cooling

Fever circle without frequent replacement, improve efficiency

The initial warming faster, the work efficiency

Workshop environment is good, easy to hire

Convenient, direct labor per capita

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