Nano far-infrared energy-saving heating coil

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Nano far-infrared energy-saving heating products are described in detail

Energy conservation: energy saving rate from 30% to 80%;

Environmental protection: environmental temperature decrease

Simple: direct replacement of traditional injection molding machine electric heating circle;

Precision: thermal inertia small, high precision of temperature control;

Fast: heat up 20% faster than traditional electric heating circle;

High efficiency: adopt special nanometer infrared electric generator,

Heat transfer efficiency is much higher than traditional electric heating circle;

Product specifications: according to the user's injection molding machine, wire drawing machine gun barrel diameter, height of heating coil, heating power custom products, to meet all specifications of equipment.

Energy saving rate will not be reduced because of the time, the energy saving rate when the equipment installation to install energy saving rates did not differ a year later, because the material after processing efficiency of heating element will not be reduced because of the time, at the same time, the outer wall temperature of the equipment and maintain constant between 45 ° C to 70 ° C.

Light radiation to the plastic machine gun barrel, heat transfer efficiency is as high as 99% above, small heat loss on heat transfer process, single fever.

This circle of energy saving in the working temperature of 318 ° C, the surface temperature is below 70 ° C, greatly reduce heat loss, achieve the best energy-saving effect, the surface temperature, cryogenic, warranty for 18 months, super durable, the product life theory data for 12 years.

Scope: plastic rubber equipment; Heating equipment of chemical and other industries, such as plastic wire drawing machine, blown film machine, granulating machine, injection molding machine, extruder, plastic extruding machine, cable production thermoplastic plastic pipe material production such as heating; Pipe heating temperature control heating, etc

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