Aerogel shrouds

Sort: Flexible removable soft insulated industrial system.
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A: airgel heat shield to achieve amazing energy (electricity) savings

          Energy (electricity) savings
     Part of the electricity-saving injection molding machine heater 40 to 50% / save the entire mechanical and electrical injection of 5 to 15% fee / enhanced cooling effect of the workshop
          Improve the working environment
      Maintain the most comfortable temperature / scald prevention
          Improve the quality of injection
      Injection temperature reaches consistency and stability, increased quality of Injection / heater twice extended life

Approximately 6-9 months recyclable all investment costs

  Two: * Power Case
  A medical device company depot injection

Aerogel insulation cover energy-saving injection molding machine molding machine barrel injection molding machine energy-saving insulation sleeve insulation sleeve barrel injection molding machine heater insulation cover

Three: Features:
         Patented airgel insulation material
         Has a removable green flag, Toru
         Bottom waterproof
         Has a long durability, compared to other fiber insulation materials with high compressive strength
         The product can be customized in many forms
         Recyclable waste cost savings, cost savings

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