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[Japan] injection molding machine insulation cover basic instructions
Suzhou billion source of industrial energy saving Ltd was established in 2000, is the development, design, production, sales and service of energy saving one-stop professional equipment manufacturers.

Injection molding machine insulation cover description:
1. Injection molding machine hot thermal insulation cover is based on principles of professional design, high efficiency energy-saving effect.
2. The machine shell and liner are made of imported 304 stainless steel plate reinforced 1.0, beautiful and durable, effective protection of the heating tube.
3. Insulation layer is made of multilayer ceramic fiber cotton, high temperature 1080 ℃, the thickness of 2-4cm highly efficient insulation.
4. After testing the injection molding machine insulation cover more than 15% average saving rate up to 40% saving rate.
5. Prolonged fever injection molding machine rings and relay life, to overcome the additional loss, reduce the heat and fever ring ring heating time relays frequent starting, effectively extending the life of both.
6. After transformation, can directly reduce the room temperature, the working environment to improve the workshop, the heating cylinder leakage of heat to the space to be recovered, so that the plastic at the appropriate temperature accelerated melt, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs directly.
7. Reducing CO2 emissions; environmentally friendly.
8 adjustable metal buckle on the word connection, convenient disassembly
9 This product is suitable for various models, specifications, injection molding machine, plans tailored
Second: injection molding machine insulation cover effect
1, the thermal efficiency of more than 80%, a substantial energy savings of 15% -40%
2, significantly reduce the ambient temperature of the workshop
3, rapid heating, precise temperature control real
4, can be a long work in harsh environments
5, the surface can be touched by hand, the surface temperature of 60 degrees
6, security to avoid name conventional heating utilities to insecurity
7, winter can make plastic injection molding machine uniform and stable.
Third: injection molding machine stainless steel insulation kits direct benefits.
This product average saving of 15% up to 40% saving rate; 6-8 months to recover the investment
Energy Saving: You can directly reduce the room temperature, improve the workshop poor working conditions, career employees to give a comfortable working environment and reduce CO2 emissions; 2295kg / Year / units, working together to promote energy loss sent the Earth's environment.
Fever laps without frequent replacement, efficiency

Request information required to inform

1) The type of heater, such as ceramic, mica, aluminum, etc., different types of the same thickness of the heater

2) Heater size (such as diameter, diameter, length)

3) the location and size of wiring (such as junction boxes, plugs the location and size)

4) the position and diameter of the thermocouple hole

5) Quantity

* It is recommended to provide a heater drawings and photos, make sure the heater and insulation kits fully fit.

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