YIYUAN airgel insulation kits

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YIYUAN airgel insulation kits
YIYUAN airgel insulation sleeve is a flexible, efficient insulation felt, the material is nano fibers combined with inorganic airgel, specific types of industrial high-temperature pipes, tanks and other equipment of the insulation spacer cambered heat. Customers seeking better insulation and use less energy than ideal choice.
Nano-known solid airgel is the lowest thermal conductivity of the material. YIYUAN airgel insulation kits are the nano composite material is a soft, inorganic environmentally friendly, easy construction insulation materials, insulation of these special properties make it the industry's best products.
● Excellent thermal insulation
Insulation effect is 2-5 times of traditional insulation materials, and longer life.
● water repellency and fire resistance
Hydrophobic material as a whole, can effectively prevent moisture from entering the pipe inside the device, but also has Class A1 fire performance.
● Reduce the thickness of the insulation layer
Obtain the same insulation thickness of only a fraction of traditional materials.
● easy construction
Lightweight, easy to cut and sew to accommodate a variety of different shapes of pipes, equipment insulation, and less time and effort required for installation.
● save transportation costs
Fewer parcel size and lighter weight can greatly reduce the transportation cost of insulation materials.
● preformed pipe insulation
● tanks, vessels and other equipment insulation
● oil extraction steam line
● thermal power plants, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, pipelines
● all kinds of high and low temperature furnace, mobile JiuShengCang
● High-speed train, car, subway and other body insulation
● insulation construction sector
  Packaging Type Reel
Thickness 3mm, 6mm, 10mm
Width 910mm, 1500mm
Thermal conductivity 0.018w / m · k (25 ℃ pm)
Maximum temperature 650 ℃
Density 220kg/m3
Overall hydrophobic hydrophobic
According to GB10295-2008 test results

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