Molding machine cylinder insulated vest

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Molding machine cylinder insulated vest by Suzhou Yiyuan Industry Co., Ltd. energy saving design, production and sales. The company is a one-stop service for energy saving professional equipment manufacturers. Source billion scientific and humane management team, strong technical force, modernized production scale, service system in place, with its own intellectual property rights and other advantages. In the field of industrial energy saving forefront of the domestic industry, molding machine cylinder insulated vest, injection molding machine energy-saving insulation covers, piping hot and cold insulation, hopper dryer barrel body insulation, chemical barrels insulation, extending to the need to heat or insulation industrial fluid pipe insulation, heat insulation vest, thermal blankets equipment introduction absorption Israel, Australia, the United States and other countries, a number of advanced environmental technologies, and closely to strengthen cooperation with Tsinghua University, East China University of Technology, Jiangsu Academy of Environmental Sciences and other domestic research institutions cooperation so that our products greatly improve the treatment effect, increasing the useful life of equipment, increasing the safety and security equipment, the equipment energy-saving insulation, thermal insulation, better, easier to use. For all customers to offer the most reliable products and the most attentive service.

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