Injection molding machine barrel insulation cover Details

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Injection molding machine barrel insulation cover Details:

An injection molding machine barrel insulation cover applications
Mainly used for injection molding machines, extruders, molding machine mold and die heater. Also be used for pipes, elbows, flanges, manholes, tees, chemical reactors, thermal power nuclear steam turbine, gas turbine units, heat exchangers, engine exhaust pipe insulation, heat insulation.

(2) injection molding machine barrel insulation cover the main material
Made of glass fiber cotton and imports of high temperature fiberglass cloth composed by lining, insulation and protective layer composed of three layers, the working temperature of 650-1270 degrees. With insulated, waterproof, anti-oil, multi-layer insulation, not spontaneous, not corruption, corrosion resistance, the surface can be cleaned, high strength, easy to bend, environmental pollution, etc. pretty neat appearance.

3 sets of energy-saving insulation specifications can be tailored according to the shape of the device

Injection molding machine barrel insulation cover Troubleshooting:

1 can save much energy?

20% -60%, depending on the operating temperature and whether continuous work.

(2) how much the surface temperature?

Insulation sleeve surface temperature can be reduced about 40 ℃, do not touch hot.

3 How to install?

First heater installed in the unit, and then directly to the outside of the heater insulation condom, note the alignment wiring terminals (such as junction boxes, terminal) and Thermocouple holes and fastening with buckle; without changing the machine circuits.

4 How long?

In the proper maintenance and use of the premise, you can use more than 2 years.

But also to prevent frequent heating heating coil, which can effectively maintain stiffening ring, and screw barrel aging, enhance the overall service life of machinery.

5 on the quality of plastic products have any effect?

As the plastic particles are not significantly variable temperature, forming a more stable, more excellent quality.

6 How long can recover the cost?

Saving rate of 20% in the case of recoverable costs about 4,5 months, if a higher saving rate, cost recovery is faster.

7 Inquiry What information?

1) The type of heater, such as ceramic, mica, aluminum, etc., different types of the same thickness of the heater

2) Heater size (such as diameter, diameter, length)

3) the location and size of wiring (such as junction boxes, plugs the location and size)

4) the position and diameter of the thermocouple hole

5) Quantity

* It is recommended to provide a heater drawings and photos, make sure the heater and insulation kits fully fit.

8 insulation kits Energy Case Study

630 pipe dies with domestic heaters as reference

Homemade pipe die heater assembly 630 of 9

Design total power 100.9KW

Maximum temperature 280 ℃

In a state with no insulation kits daily energy consumption: 330 KW / h

In every state with insulation kits energy: 248KW / h

Daily energy savings: 82 KW / h (25% saving rate) current domestic industrial electricity price (Eastern Region) 0.84 yuan / KWh

Assuming that the machine dies annual work 240 days, 8 hours a day,

Estimated annual savings of around $ 16,500

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