Injection molding machine barrel barrel barrel barrel insulation kits SPECS

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Injection molding machine barrel barrel barrel barrel insulation kits SPECS
Outer: Using our integrated foreign technology research and development from special high temperature materials, the main characteristics: woven fiberglass composite with high insulation properties, a unique anti-corrosion and temperature resistance.
Core: special insulation material of high density (density ceramic insulation blankets and airgel, etc.) filled with good insulation and sound insulation effect.
Bottom: The GF430 (HT 800), the material has a compact structure and high temperature resistance, can be well protected objects away from heat, sparks and flame area points of metal structures such as insulation, insulation and the need for welding place, showing good adaptability and antifouling protection. Hereby equipment for energy-saving insulation in your company.
Product performance:
1. Effective insulation resistance, high temperature (heat 1270-280 ℃, low temperature minus 70 ℃)
2. Chemical stability, resistance to various chemical corrosion; moth, mildew.
3. Fire retardant (fire class A ----- noncombustible, GB8624-2006, German standard DIN4102, A1 grade)
4. Aging resistance, weather resistance
5. Waterproof, oil: good hydrophobic properties, anti-oil
Product Features:
1. Insulation effect is good.
2. Easy disassembly, easy to install, easy to clean piping equipment to facilitate maintenance.
3. Can be used repeatedly, long service life.
4. High strength, namely soft and ductile, easy to bend dressing.
5. Can be tailored according to insulation parts, processing non-standard products.
6. Product adaptation: for different temperatures, different shapes of plumbing insulation.
7. Environmental protection, pollution: non-asbestos and any other hazardous substances, completely harmless to humans and the environment.
8. Pretty neat appearance of the product, the surface can be scrubbed
9. Improve the thermal environment, to prevent burn injuries
Performance indicators:
1. Thermal conductivity: 0.035W / M · K-0.045 W / M · K ± 0.005 (room temperature)
2. High and low temperature: high temperature 12700 ℃ -280 ℃, low temperature minus 70 ℃
3. Flame retardant: non-combustible
4. Density :100-220Kg / m³
5. Thickness 10 ~ 100MM
6. Moisture absorption rate: <5%
Main applications:
Energy-saving insulation sleeve is high-end pipes, equipment insulation material. Widely used in petrochemical, chemical engineering, spinning, metallurgy, electric power, construction, kilns, paper, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding and other fields of thermal equipment and various piping, HVAC and refrigeration equipment. He applied to a variety of piping, equipment insulation is ideal for plumbing insulation material! Such as pipes, elbows, flanges, valves, sight glass, tees, chemical reactors, equipment, nuclear steam turbine thermal power, head, pump, steel plants and other high-temperature environments meter boxes, and other sex parts.
Specific price based on temperature and other special requirements may be
Please provide the temperature, use of the environment, the specific quantity, delivery time and other relevant information, we will get back to you with a quote.

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