Injection molding machine insulation cover

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Injection molding machine insulation cover Details:

High environmental materials imported sewing, not a general asbestos materials.
Is not conductive, high temperature, not spontaneous, not corruption, corrosion resistance and other advantages.
Presses the barrel heaters are all lagging insulation, with no thermal conductivity, surface temperature at about 45 ℃, insulation sleeve fitted over not more than 50% before the temperature is reduced.
Heaters can save power consumption of about 15% -35 return on investment in five to six months.
For precision injection molding, the temperature can play a stabilizing role, helping to ensure the quality of high-precision injection molding.
Prevent accidental burns operators to reduce risk of injury.
Effectively reduce the temperature of injection workshop, to improve the working environment, improve work efficiency, reduce worker turnover.
Can reduce CO2 emissions per year per 3000kg-5000kg.
Disassembly is very convenient, easy maintenance and repair.

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