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Extruder saving insulation cover basic instructions:
It uses high temperature resistance, fireproof insulation materials; lined, intermediate insulation layer, the outer protective layer composed of three layers; according to the specific shape of the piping or equipment and its use of the environment, through careful design, mapping, through the special process . It is the high-end pipes, equipment insulation material. It can be used at different temperatures, different shapes of pipes and a variety of hot and cold insulation device. For often demolished, maintenance, cleaning of pipeline equipment is particularly useful. Its overall economic efficiency. Is the ideal choice for industrial energy-saving insulation! Source billion plant in Suzhou insulation lagging characteristics and application areas

First, the design basis
1, insulation sleeve according presses, high temperature equipment industry, energy requirements for the design of products, can achieve energy saving can be achieved, but also protect the environment.
2, enabling rapid assembly and disassembly, convenient equipment maintenance, does not affect the performance and reduce the manpower burden.
3, heat insulation sleeve is made of inorganic non-metallic materials, thermal conductivity is only 0.035W/MK, lightweight, high temperature, thermal insulation characteristics of high efficiency, non-metallic materials and easy heat dissipation.

Second, the application of merit

1, saving: first-line testing of the product by the average saving rate of 20% -60%. Its significant economic benefits for the companies to reduce unnecessary expenses. Directly to the business efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve competitiveness. According to estimates, only saving one, will soon be able to recover the cost of lagging.
2, effect: avoid machine heaters heating surface heat loss and directly reduce the room temperature, reducing plant cooling system, and improve the working environment, the machine can be very suitable for the temperature to the heater stability is guaranteed, faster boot times, improved product quality and production efficiency, reduce production costs directly. But also its indirect 20% --- 60% energy saving.
3, the effect: reducing fever laps, relay starting frequency, extend the machine's heating coil, the relay life and reduces maintenance failure to overcome the additional loss. Installing energy-saving insulation insulation sleeve, the presses and other high temperature equipment barrel temperature dropped from 55 degrees to 500 degrees or less, can significantly reduce the room temperature, especially in the summer can significantly improve employee operating environment.

Third, the product performance:.
1. Good insulation resistance, high temperature (heat 1080-280 ℃, low temperature minus 70 ℃) after warm insulation: anti-scald 50 ℃.
2. Chemical stability, resistance to various chemical corrosion; moth, mildew.
3. Fire retardant (fire class A ----- noncombustible, GB8624-2006, German standard DIN4102, A1 grade)
4. Aging resistance, weather resistance
5. Waterproof, oil: good hydrophobic properties, anti-oil.
Fourth, the product features:
1. Insulation insulation effect is good, the surface layer and the insulating layer is made of imported materials, the highest temperature 1000 ℃.
2. Easy disassembly, easy to install, easy maintenance.
3. Can be used repeatedly, long service life.
4. High strength, namely soft and ductile, easy to bend dressing.
5. Can be tailored according to insulation parts, processing non-standard products.
6. Product adaptation: for different temperatures, different shaped pipes and high insulation cryogenic equipment.
7. Environmental protection, pollution: non-asbestos and any other hazardous substances, completely harmless to human. No environmental pollution.
8. Pretty neat appearance of the product, the surface can be scrubbed.
9. Improve the thermal environment, to prevent burn injuries.
Five performance indicators:
1. Thermal conductivity: 0.015W / M · K-0.045 W / M · K ± 0.005 (room temperature).
2. High and low temperature: high temperature 1080 ℃ -280 ℃, low temperature minus 70 ℃.
3. Flame retardant: non-combustible.
4. Density :100-220Kg / m3.
5. Thickness 10 ~ 100MM.
6. Moisture absorption rate: <5%.
Six, the main application:
Energy-saving machinery and equipment is lagging insulation insulation materials are also widely used in petrochemical, chemical engineering, spinning, metallurgy, electric power, construction, kilns, paper, pharmaceutical, shipbuilding and other fields of thermal equipment and a variety of pipes, HVAC and refrigeration equipment. It is suitable for all kinds of pipes, equipment insulation insulation is ideal for piping and equipment insulation! Pipes, elbows, flanges, valves, sight glass, tees, chemical reactors, equipment, nuclear steam turbine thermal power, head, pump, steel plants and other high-temperature environments meter boxes, and other sex parts.
YYWJ insulation cover insulation effect is good, easy disassembly, easy routine maintenance, can be used repeatedly, environmental pollution, contact with the body does not irritate the skin. It uses high temperature resistant insulation materials; lined by a high-temperature resistant, heat insulating middle layer, the surface protective layer of insulation (waterproof, anti-corrosion) of three parts; according to the specific shape of the piping or equipment and its use of the environment, careful design, mapping, through special process. It can be at different temperatures (constant or transient temperature) and different shapes of pipes and equipment used on a variety of hot and cold, and its overall economic good. Is ideal for industrial energy saving products.

Seven billion source extruder insulation cover service and support:
A Technical Support:
1) may send technical personnel to the scene measuring injection molding machine barrel size, carefully designed, after mapping process is made through a special, non-standard tailored.
2) working days of the delivery date 6
3) perfect after-sales support, within 24 hours of technical personnel to the scene to solve the problem.
2 Caution:
1) to be sure that the machine before installing the power is turned off to prevent leakage;
2) Wear gloves during installation to prevent heat burns the skin;
3) After installation check the power cord inside the product package (power cable is required dew)
3 normal maintenance
1) insulation cover waterproof outer material insulation, corrosion resistance, the outer layer can be (micro-time) cleaning rags;
2) to prevent the stampede and sharp device scratch;
3) Barrel as tainted plastic phenomenon, the need for timely treatment;
4 insulation cover design uses three years (except for man-made damage and natural disasters)
Specific price based on temperature and other special requirements may be

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