Reactor insulation cover

Sort: Flexible removable soft insulated industrial system.
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Reactor insulation cover the use of inorganic non-metallic insulation materials, can completely close kettle body, light weight insulation cover the whole kettle body weight reduction, while the design of the form more easily removable for repair and maintenance kettle body.

Easy removal installation
High temperature resistance
Lower maximize insulation thickness
Remarkable sound-absorbing effect
Light, reducing the weight load
Good flexibility to adapt to different shapes of the exhaust pipe insulation
Prevent burn injuries
Adjustable elastic
Material can withstand high tensile
Fit closely with the device
Waterproof anti-oil, anti-corrosion and weathering
Asbestos, environmental protection

Meet the temperature: 500 ℃ the following
After incubation temperature: below 50 ℃ anti-scald
Density: 120kg/m3
Thermal conductivity: 0.15W/m.k
Ultimate strength: 3500N/50mm
Weather resistance: waterproof 3ds, fire GB8624-2003: B1 and corrosion H2SO4

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