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Barrel insulation kits

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Removable pipe insulation cover features:

Hot barrels speed, warm longer used insulating tube cover to prevent heat loss. We help to improve the heat insulation drum cover efficiency and reduce operating costs sliding fit over 55 gallons drums, handles for easy removal. Flame and flame retardant materials. Punta Velcro flap drum opening for easy access. Can be customized to meet specific applications. Use our bucket heater PN: 60000 Material drum freezes or becomes unusable.

Do not use in hazardous locations.
Do not soak or wet locations for applications.
Do not use in a sealed container, if there is not enough pressure to vent
Devices to prevent the explosion.
Do not operate the heater malfunction or damage.
Heater surfaces may become very hot during operation. Do not handle or allow contact during operation.
Heat will radiate from the heater surface surrounding objects.
Do not use contact or near flammable materials.
Do not heat the thermally unstable products.
On the use of plastic or metal drum, have been grounded.

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