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Pipe insulation sleeve

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Pipe insulation sleeve

Main types of insulation products:
The five products that our company develops independently:
1. Endothermic type: protect "internal temperature of the insulation body", so that internal heat energy does not generate heat exchange with the outside world (convection, radiation, transmission). Ensure the necessary temperature of production, so that the internal heat can be utilized to the maximum extent to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.
2, prevent external heat radiant: prevent strong thermal radiation, the outside heat conduction to the insulation body interior, affect the normal work of the insulation body temperature, even damage the equipment, spare parts, instruments, etc.
3. Anti-freeze type: prevent the external low temperature from affecting the working temperature inside the insulation body. It is mainly used for the antifreeze and process stability of pipes, equipment, instruments and instruments, and the materials used and the thermal insulation clothing are determined according to the requirements of the site.
4. Cryopreservation type: prevent external heat transfer to cold storage area.
Type 5, thermal insulation, heat insulation) : in order to meet the production process conditions, or to prevent low temperature freeze, need to offer heat source heating equipment, pipeline, require additional insulation garment (set) the insulation at the same time, to maintain a certain temperature. To meet the temperature requirements of the process and equipment operation.

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