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Industrial insulation heat preservation

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Hundred million source industry energy saving provides the high quality for high temperature application flexible elastic clamp adiabatic solution. We have two kinds of industrial heat blanket, one is a glass fiber thermal blanket, another kind is the aerogel thermal blanket.


. Plastic injection molding machine barrel

. Injection dryer/hopper dryer

. Blown film machine

. Extruder and extrusion head

. extrusion

. Turbine heater

. Plastic vacuum forming machine

. Running out of the pipe

. Valve, pump, flange

Hundred million source industrial flexible elastic insulating jacket is tailored for your machine size, insulation balnket we will according to your design.


. Save energy costs

. Personnel protection from heat fatigue and possible skin burns

. Very easy to install and remove the maintenance quickly

. Thermal blanket fully reusable

. Made of heat resistant materials and can withstand up to 1000 degrees Celsius temperature

. Special cover can be used to need acid resistance

. Safe to touch

. For effective closed band, if necessary

. Hydrophobic material

. Frost frost damage

. The price is competitive

. By importing materials made in China

. ROI (return on investment) is only 6 to 8 months (depending on the machine)

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