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Are you looking for information about the supply of the vulcanizing machine's insulation cover?

Time:2018/8/30 19:19:46   From::本站   Editer:硫化机保温套   

Suzhou yiyuan has the price, wholesale, market, supply and supplier of all kinds of vulcanizing machine insulation sets you need. Welcome to consult the vulcanizing machine insulation sets. The new vulcanizing machine insulation sets are quoted in suzhou yiyuan energy-saving equipment co., LTD.
In the adiabatic application practice, often encounter some use traditional way not tear open outfit adiabatic is not very convenient, is not very economic situations, for example, when need to equipment, valves, pipe fittings, such as flange for repair, replacement, often want to damage the original heat insulation structure, sometimes simply wrong where the heat insulation measures, cause more waste of energy.
Our company's unique domestic development of vulcanizing machine insulation cover can meet the application needs of these fields. This product can be easily disassembled and assembled, and can be used multiple times to maximize its economic benefits and reduce heat loss. For some special and complex equipment with special surface shape, the flexible heat insulation (fire protection) sleeve can also show its unique advantages. After the test calculation, the product can usually save more than 90% of thermal energy. The shortest payback period is only about 6 months.

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