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Proposed scheme for thermal insulation modification of vulcanizates

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A, the present situation

* * at most vulcanizer steam pipe insulation materials, high temperature heat pipe, valve and board member's area is large, high temperature, surface temperature of about 45 degrees to 168 degrees), heat loss is big, caused sulfide poor working conditions in summer, winter sulfur vulcanization owe a six to nine months of double during high temperature season, 12.9% and 6.7%, respectively. Especially close to the window of the C ditch hydraulic vulcanization machine, its winter less sulfur defects are more prominent, most vulcanized machines have been delayed.

The purpose and meaning of heat preservation of vulcanizing machine

To reduce the equipment, piping and its accessories in the working process of the medium inside the heat loss and craft production process temperature drop, delay medium condensation, keep the production capacity of equipment and pipeline safety, energy conservation, improve work efficiency, reduce the environment temperature, improve labor condition, prevent operators burns. Of the People's Republic of China national standard GB4272-92, the general principles of the equipment and pipe heat preservation technology requirements, equipment, piping and its accessories outside surface temperature is higher than 50 ℃ must heat preservation.

In short:

Reduce the steam consumption caused by heat loss and improve the working environment.

Reduce the heat loss of the mold, hot plate, die set, etc., and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the mould can cause the defects of sulphur sulfide (especially in winter).

3. Reform plan

1. Thermal insulation: wrap or fill the heat sink pipe, valve, warm bag and bare hot plate by using insulated sleeve (made of heat-resistant flexible fabric with internal heat insulation material). Heat insulation cover package heat dissipation device after using paste, button fixation.

2, point: thermal insulation set of convenient disassembly and recovery, the surface temperature below 40 ℃.

3. Transformation plan and process:

3.1. Measure the dimensions of the insulation parts and make the insulation cover.

3.2. Apply surface derusting or cleaning, anti-corrosion and anti-rust paint for the parts such as pipe and valve of vulcanizing machine.

3.3. Use the production batch to install the insulation of vulcanization machine, and the installation time of the single vulcanizing machine is about 3 hours.

The vulcanized machine is insulated

The tire vulcanizing machine insulation cover

Production installation flexible valve insulation cover

Insulation cover for injection molding machine:

Flexible insulation:

Flexible insulation for dryer:

Energy saving heat insulation cover

Flexible insulation of tire mould:

Die-casting wheel hub mould ceramic fiber insulation cover

Air gel heat shield:

Extruder, film machine,

Flexible ceramic fiber insulation for plastic drying machine

Ceramic fiber high temperature heat shield, insulated cover

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