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Ceramic heating ring high temperature applications
High temperature application of ceramic heating ring.
Often rocky porcelain ceramic heat-resistant magnesium is 800 ℃ to 1000 ℃, the melting temperature of 1728 ℃, the actual heating temperature can reach 800 ℃, the main part of the heating coil is ceramic components several resistance wire, power cords, fixed ceramic heating coil of stainless steel casing, the heat resistance of ceramic heating coil stainless steel housing requirements according to the temperature in the process of production is optional.
Application in injection molding machine:
General injection molding ABS, PP, nylon products, such as injection temperature between 100 ℃ to 350 degrees, use of injection molding machine heating circle have chosen mica heating circle, uniform heating, the heating rate can also follow the, now the engineering plastic, and glass fiber high-strength plastics are becoming increasingly common in industrial applications, PBI company, PI, LCP, PPS, PEEK molding temperature is very high, such as general cannot meet normal injection molding, injection molding machine configuration in addition to the injection molding machine need to modify the parameters of the heating circle to heat to complete the normal injection molding.
Application in pipeline:
Many chemical pipes, water pipes also involves heating problem in industrial production, pipeline heating need heat preservation, constant temperature, flow control, such as ceramic heating coil is particularly useful in the cold weather area. Heat insulation cover or heat shield in these heating systems to play a good energy - saving role.
Workpiece heating:
Plastic secondary processing in manufactured goods in many artifacts need to be heated to secondary molding, secondary processing, pipeline of copper, iron, aluminum into the workpiece, usually apply ceramic heating coil to fixture for secondary processing process heating. These applications extend the application of ceramic heating coil.

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