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Say goodbye to the high temperature workshop efficiently save electricity!

Not installed energy-saving insulation plate injection molding machine cylinder installed energy-saving insulation plate cylinder injection molding machine

Product application advantages:

Environmental protection? New type glass fiber sewing environmental protection material, do not contain asbestos pollution-free, has a high temperature resistant, non-conductive, corrosion resistance, etc

Energy saving? For injection molding machine gun barrel electric heating circle can save power consumption 25% - 40%, economic benefit is remarkable

Protection? Can prevent operators scald, protection, surface temperature maintained at about 45 ℃

Effect? Effectively reduce the injection workshop temperature, saving air conditioning; Especially in the summer can significantly improve employees' working environment

Convenient? Tear open outfit, but achieve rapid, convenient equipment maintenance can be repeatedly used, reduce the enterprise cost

Injection molding machine heat insulation sleeve can be tailored for cylinder parts, the processing of non-standard products, suitable for different models, specifications of the injection molding machine cylinder is installed

Specifications of the injection molding machine cylinder install and use.

Save energy and heat loss to reduce energy consumption; Less investment, recover the investment costs six months or so

Hundred million source for industrial equipment such as plastic machine, drying machine, extrusion machines, injection molding machine, vulcanizing machine design efficient insulation solutions, such as professional aiming at the defects of traditional injection molding machine high power consumption, servo transformation efficiency can reach 30%, 60%, let you more power saving money, but also more market competitiveness. Hundred million source professional energy saving transformation,, for more information please contact: 0512-81869161

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